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Foreclosures follow a predictable route once you are unable to pay your mortgage. While the end result is losing your home and doing severe damage to your credit, a foreclosure is not inevitable. By speaking with an experienced foreclosure defense attorney in Daytona Beach from The Law Office of Jeffery A. Klein, you can be fully informed of how the foreclosure process works and how you can avoid one.

We are a husband and wife law team committed to helping clients overcome their financial troubles, especially when it comes to mortgage issues. Since the foreclosure crisis hit in 2009, our firm has helped hundreds of our clients achieve the best outcomes for their financial futures under difficult circumstances. You can trust The Law Office of Jeffrey A. Klein to put your interests first and work tirelessly on your behalf.

How does a foreclosure work?

You do have options when you face a default and foreclosure proceedings. Our firm can walk you through the alternatives to foreclosure and decide how best to move forward.

In general a foreclosure proceeds as follows:

  • Default—you are unable to pay as per your agreement with the lender
  • Complaint—the lender refers the loan to an attorney to file a foreclosure action
  • Service—you receive official notice that the foreclosure has been filed
  • Default—you have 20 days to file a responsive paper or the court can default you
  • Motion—bank files its Motion for Summary Judgment so they can recover what is owed them
  • Hearing—a hearing is set by the bank before a request for judgment is granted
  • Foreclosure sale—if judgment is granted, the clerk sets a foreclosure sale for 30 to 200 later
  • Transfer of title—clerk issues title 10 days after the sale in favor of whoever purchases the property

Once the transfer is complete, you are no longer considered the official owner of the property and can thus be evicted.

Don’t lose hope—call us now!

A Daytona Beach foreclosure defense lawyer can come alongside you as soon as you default on your mortgage to keep you informed of your rights and work to prevent a foreclosure. Alternative are available to you which avoid a foreclosure such as a short sale which can offer you a legal exit from your home by selling it, freeing you from an unworkable mortgage.

The Law Office of Jeffrey A. Klein can defend you once you have been served with a complaint from the bank and work to have your case dismissed, and request documents and information form the bank so you are not taken advantage of.

Call our firm as soon as you believe you will go into default and we can do all we can to avoid a foreclosure which can ruin your life and credit.

Give us a call today and together we can go over your legal options!


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