Parental Relocation Negotiation

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Should you or your former spouse need to relocate, chances are you will also need to revisit your child custody and timesharing arrangement. Since the arrangement was mediated by the court, you will be required to formally re-enter negotiations. As your legal representative, The Law Office of Jeffrey A. Klein can help ensure your new arrangement still serves the needs of your family. We work hard to preserve the stability of your children's lives - contact us today to learn more.

If you are the parent who is moving, you will need to:

  • File a notice with the court and submit it to the other parent
  • Include thorough details of the move, including address and reason for relocation
  • Outline a proposal for a new child custody or timesharing arrangement

If you have been served with a "Notice of Intent to Relocate," respond to this notice within the appropriate amount of time in order to avoid lapses in your rights to your children. By working closely with an attorney from our firm, you can rest assured that your rights will be preserved and your children's best interests will be protected.

Speak with a Daytona Beach Divorce Lawyer Before You Move

Depending on the circumstances of your child custody and timesharing arrangement, it may be illegal for you to move with your children without formally notifying the other parent and receiving approval from the court. Leaving without first taking the proper steps can put your custody arrangement in jeopardy. If the other parent fights back against the move, you could be forced to negotiate a new timesharing plan.

Taking the necessary steps to legally move your family can help protect your rights and the rights of your children. Consult with our family lawyer in Daytona Beach today and we can outline your options and advise you of the options you have for moving forward with the move.


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