The Benefit of Having a FL Divorce Attorney

Divorce often accompanies financial stress. Money concerns can lead couples to divorce, and these concerns can only increase as you face the process of ending your marriage. It is natural to wonder whether it is worth it to pay fees to hire a lawyer, and the answer is that it is always wise to consult with a Daytona divorce lawyer about your upcoming case. The following are only some benefits of hiring the right law firm to handle your divorce case.

Knowing Your Options

When you think about the possibility of divorce, you might first imagine a highly adversarial courtroom battle. However, there are different paths that divorce cases can take. You might be able to file an uncontested divorce, which can simplify the process. You might also participate in mediation, collaborative divorce, or other options that can keep your case out of court when possible.

Knowing your options can give you more confidence to move forward with a divorce if it is right for your situation. It can also help you establish goals for your divorce, and your lawyer can assist in mapping out what your divorce might look like.

Meeting the Requirements for Divorce

Divorce is a legal process overseen by Florida law, which means that there are many procedural and substantive requirements in each case. These requirements include:

  • Proving that you meet the residency requirement, which is that one or both spouses reside in Florida for six months or longer prior to filing
  • Preparing the petition and filing it with the proper court, or responding to a petition filed by your spouse
  • Properly serving notice of the divorce petition to your spouse
  • Citing the necessary no-fault grounds for divorce
  • Resolving all relevant issues, which can include property division, spousal support, child support, and parenting and time-sharing

In addition, if you are bringing allegations regarding your spouse (or vice versa), it is necessary to prove those allegations by providing sufficient evidence.

Protecting Your Rights and Interests

Florida law sets out the guidelines for how you must resolve each issue that applies to your divorce. Some guidelines include:

  • Marital property and assets must be divided in an equitable manner
  • Time-sharing and parenting plans must be in the best interests of the child
  • Child support should be calculated according to state formulas (with few exceptions)
  • Spousal support is only awarded in specific situations based on the length of the marriage, the financial situations of each spouse, and other factors

It can be difficult to know all of your rights under Florida law. Spouses often forego property they deserve or end up paying too much in support when they do not have the guidance of an experienced divorce attorney. The right lawyer will protect your interests under Florida law both in and out of court.

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