Child Custody & Support Modifications

Competent Advocacy from a Daytona Beach Divorce Lawyer

Occasionally, previously arranged child support and custody agreements no longer adequately serve the needs of the child or the family. In such cases, your arrangement can be renegotiated for the best interests of your children. When considering your case, obtain legal counsel from a family law representative who focuses on preserving the integrity and balance of your family.

Our Daytona Beach divorce attorneys at The Law Office of Jeffrey A. Klein invest our personal energy into helping you form a plan of action designed to protect the rights of your children, as well as your rights as a parent. We serve Daytona Beach, Volusia County, Flagler County, and many surrounding areas during these emotionally difficult situations.

Reasons to modify a child support arrangement include:

  • Current arrangement is not in best interest of the child
  • Change in employment for either parent
  • Change in relationship status for either parent (for example, re-marriage)
  • Change in physical needs of child
  • Increase in medical expenses for child

Preserve Stability in the Lives of Your Children

Primarily, our goal as your legal counsel is to protect your children against undue stress during negotiations for modification. Should you decide a modification to your child custody agreement is necessary for the well-being of your children, the court will want you to prove that altering your previous arrangement is in the best interests of your children. Our legal team can review your petition to ensure your argument is strong and effective for the sake of the children.

Family Law Representatives Focused on Your Unique Situation

With the personalized attention you receive at our firm, you can rest assured knowing that your case is being evaluated and built by a team dedicated to the protection of your family.