Enforcing Child Support & Custody

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Dealing with unpaid child support installments can cause stress to both you and your child. Streamline the process by seeking the legal counsel of a Daytona Beach child support lawyer at our firm.

The Law Office of Jeffrey A. Klein is dedicated to protecting the well-being of your family during divorce, seeking to resolve conflict and re-establish appropriate arrangements in both child support and child custody circumstances.

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Know Your Enforcement Options

A lapse in child support payments can drastically alter the lives of your children. Immediately fighting back against a lapse can help decrease the amount of time in which you will have to scramble to figure out how you are going to support your children on your own.

When a payment is missed, your first step is to file for contempt of court. Missing a child support payment is a violation of a court-ordered agreement, and your children depend on you to hold the other parent accountable. Upon your filing, the court will then pursue a course of action that ideally reinstates the payments quickly. Sometimes wages are garnished, driver's licenses are suspended, or, in extreme cases, jail time is threatened.

We Do the Work for You

Our job as your legal representatives is to make sure your case is strong enough to stand up in court. We investigate the financial situation of the other party, including his or her employment status and bank records. We also pursue "missing" spouses, making sure the court is able to intervene quickly so your payments can be re-instated as immediately as possible.

Our team provides you with access to:

  • Experienced legal representation
  • Compassionate, family-oriented legal counsel
  • Aggressive action in court (when necessary)
  • Informative consultations
  • Empowering plans for action

When a child support or child custody arrangement is violated, move quickly to help alleviate the impact on your children.

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