Joint Child Custody

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Custody can be sole or joint; that is, a shared physical and/or legal custody of a child where both parents share the job of raising a child including financial responsibility. Joint custody is a means of allowing both parents to maintain a relationship with the child after a divorce. To learn more about joint custody or if you need representation for your upcoming custody case, reach out to our Daytona Beach divorce attorneys who can provide you with the insight you need.

For over ten years, The Law Office of Jeffrey A. Klein has been helping clients reach positive outcomes when encountering family law issues such as child custody. We understand how the law works regarding custody and can provide you with confident support during the entire process. You have rights as a parent and our firm works to uphold these rights with each case we handle.

Drawing up a Parenting Plan

You and your spouse are required by law to have a written parenting plan if you desire to share time with your minor children. A plan must be approved by the court and must include certain details.

A parenting plan should include:

  • The child’s time-sharing schedule
  • A designation of who will be responsible for health care and school-related matters
  • A designated address for school registration and other activities
  • A plan for sharing the responsibility for parenting tasks
  • How the parents will be communicating with their child

Florida law already favors joint custody so as to maintain a child-parent relationship unless there is evidence that such a situation would be unhealthy for the child.

In joint custody, parents are free to decide how to divide responsibilities between themselves when it comes to the child’s health, education, or other parts of their welfare.

Physical & Legal Custody

Judges can also grant joint physical custody and share roughly equal hours with the child, or they may feel that the child should spend most time with one parent and award the other parent visitation rights. No matter which way the judge leans, our Daytona Beach child custody lawyers can uphold your rights as a parent and ensure a fair outcome.

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