Stepchild Adoption

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Wanting to adopt a stepchild is quite common, especially in cases where one spouse remarries and their new spouse wishes to adopt their stepchild. While you are not required to retain an attorney for adopting a stepchild, since the laws in Florida regarding such an action are complex and require the court to make specific findings, having a qualified Daytona Beach divorce attorney from our firm with you can help facilitate the entire process, saving you time and money.

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What is needed to adopt?

A stepparent who is legally allowed to adopt their stepchild can file a petition with whatever circuit court for the county they live in. The petition needs to be verified and signed by a notary.

Certain information must be included such as:

  • The date and place of birth of the stepchild
  • Description of how long the stepchild has been in the stepparent’s custody
  • Name, age, and residence of stepparent and how long they have resided there
  • A statement including that the stepparent is physically able to care for the child’s needs
  • Reasons why the stepparent wishes to adopt

It must be established that the mother and usually the father have provided consent to the adoption or their consent is not necessary. Almost always, at least one of the child’s parents will give their consent to the adoption.

Once the court approves the adoption, the child’s other biological parent will have their parental rights terminated meaning they are no longer legally entitled to visit the child or make decisions on their behalf.

Looking to adopt? We can help!

When you are trying to adopt a stepchild, our Daytona Beach family law attorneys can help, especially when one of the child’s biological parents objects to the adoption or if you are unsure when or how to provide the needed notification. Speak with our firm to learn how we can help with the legal process of adoption.

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