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Adoption is available for those grandparents who have been caring for their grandchildren for any length of time. It can be difficult thing to do, however, since the parent’s rights will need to be terminated if they do not consent to the adoption, and Florida law usually protects a parent’s right to raise their child. When you need legal help adopting your grandchild, turn to our Daytona Beach divorce lawyers for counsel.

At The Law Office of Jeffrey A. Klein, we work to obtain the best results for every client we work with. We take the time to sit down with you and listen to your goals and concerns before putting together a strategy to obtain your desired results. We are fully knowledgeable as to Florida’s adoption laws which make us the legal resource you need when wanting to adopt.

What is involved in grandparent adoption?

Adopting any child is something which deserves careful thought and consideration. This should only ever be done when it is in the child’s best interests.

Things to consider when wanting to adopt include:

  • You may need both parent’s consent to adopt
  • The child will inherit from you as if they were your child
  • Adoption can be finalized right after filing the petition
  • You will become the legal parent of the child meaning you are responsible for the child’s welfare
  • A new birth certificate will be issued listing you as the child’s birth parent

Even if you are retired, the Florida Department of Children and Families can offer financial assistance to you including food stamps, Medicaid, school breakfast and lunch programs, and other food assistance.

Our Daytona Beach adoption attorneys can also help you apply for and obtain child support payments which should now be transferred to you.

Begin the adoption process today!

If you believe adopting your grandchild is in their best interest because one or more of their birth parents are incarcerated, divorced, or abusive, speak with our Daytona Beach adoption lawyers and we can help you navigate the process efficiently and quickly. You can trust us to look out for your interests at each step!

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